Headline - Save Money Win Money

We're a nonprofit that helps you save.

Headline - Save Money Win Money

We're a nonprofit that helps you save.

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Since 2016, members have earned over $500,000.

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Budgeting Sucks: Here’s How to Make It Suck Less

By SaverLife | August 11, 2022

Have you always wanted to budget but worry about the commitment and effort involved?  Luckily, there are strategies that not only simplify the process and take much of the suckiness out of the budgeting process but also make it fun!  What is budgeting?  Budgeting is all about making sure you have the funds available to…

Which Credit Score Matters the Most?

By SaverLife | August 9, 2022

Credit scores can be challenging to navigate.   Financial jargon can be difficult to understand, but knowing what a credit score is and how they operate is a crucial part of building your financial future. A healthy credit score gives you access to credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans.  Whether you’re preparing to apply for credit…

Back-to-School Shopping Budget Hacks

By Jerry Zeigler | August 4, 2022

Back-to-school shopping can be a real budget buster if you’re not careful, but a little planning and some savvy saver moves can help keep you on track.  If you have school-aged kiddos,  your regular budget should have a line item for school expenses. If you have this line item, you can set aside money each…

Why is Saving Money So Hard?

By SaverLife | August 2, 2022

These days, many Americans find it exceedingly difficult to save money. In fact, the average American socks away less than 6% of their income. But why is it so difficult for us to stash our cash?  Today we are going to explore why it’s so hard to save money and how you can overcome 6…

Try a 30 Day Money Saving Challenge To See What You Can Save

By SaverLife | July 26, 2022

When some people think of saving, they imagine grueling self-sacrifice—or “pinching pennies until it hurts.” But who wants to punish themselves when saving can be fun and simple?  It can be hard to kick-start a habit of saving, but it can also be rewarding and gartifying. Plus, your future self will thank you.  If you’re…

Christmas in July: Preparing for Holiday Spending

By Jerry Zeigler | July 25, 2022

The holiday season is many Americans’ favorite time of the year. We travel to celebrate with loved ones. We host holiday parties. We buy gifts and decorations. And food, lots of food. All that celebrating is expensive. The spending can really add up. As a result, many of us are hit with hefty credit card…

Everything you need to know about mail-in voting or absentee voting

By SaverLife | July 22, 2022

A friendly reminder that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. When you think about voting, you may think about standing in line at your neighborhood polling place with your friends and neighbors, waiting your turn to cast a vote you feel proud of — one that will result in laws and policies that support…

The myth of voter fraud and the real truth about voting

By SaverLife | July 22, 2022

A friendly reminder that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Your vote is your voice. And when you vote, you help create and nurture a better society. People in your community are going to be voting. Are you going to be one of them? And because there is always room for misinformation, myths, and…

How Voting Affects Your Future Finances

By SaverLife | July 22, 2022

A friendly reminder that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. SaverLife’s mission is to create prosperity by helping you save and invest in your future. As you save, it’s important to know that policies, laws, and other systemic barriers can impact your financial security. The Importance of Voting: Why Should We Vote? The main…

Why midterm elections matter

By Danielle Bautista | July 22, 2022

A friendly reminder that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. You can make a difference every two years Every four years, voters elect or re-elect the president, who serves as part of the federal government’s executive branch. And every two years, voters can also elect several local representatives who serve in the legislative branch.…

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Alaina 350X250

"I hadn't been shown how to save, and it wasn't part of my life before. I had feelings of shame and guilt, not knowing how to do this. Now I know it's not as hard as I thought."

- Alaina, Washington

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"The rewards were very motivating. It helps you develop good financial habits early on."

- Mike, Nevada

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"I'm just amazed how SaverLife really helped me. One program out of the many that I've tried - this was the one that kicked down the door for me."

- Lawreece, California

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