November to Remember Week 2: Share Your Small Business With Us

[Updated as of November 16, 2020] Here’s what some of our members said:

  • “I am a member of Saver Life, social entrepreneur and founder of Ojala Threads Inc. we design premium baby onesies inspired by indigenous Hispanic heritage. Our sales support advocacy work focused on criminal justice reform, public housing, and public transportation in the South Bronx. To learn more about our story and impact on our community visit” –Ramona recommended her clothing shop on Facebook
  • “Our business is named Bay Leaf Books, and we sell rare books online and through catalogs.” –Melanie recommended her book shop on Facebook
  • “Hi. I’m an artist depending on small business. I offer art prints, stickers, pins, journals, tshirts, etc… Do check out the store. Any support is appreciated!” –Aakash_dragon recommended his art shop on Twitter
  • “I recommend this shop 💖” –Jason recommended @colorfulcutegoods on Instagram
  • “Hi I’m Amara! My small business is called @popnparadise11 and I make lipgloss and sugar scrubs!” –Amara recommended her beauty products on Instagram

If you or someone you know is a small business owner, we’d love to help out by featuring your and the business on our website! This week, just comment on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts and you’ll have a chance to:

  • Be interviewed and feature your small business on our Saver Stories page
  • Get a free 1:1 coaching session with a certified financial professional

We know many things have been canceled this year, but the holiday season is not one of them! For the month of November, we’ll be posting one question a week on all our social media platforms for members to answer.