Back-to-School Season Looks Different This Year

August is typically when kids get excited about seeing their classmates again and parents can’t wait to have them out of their hair. But this year’s back to school season looks different. This past June, we asked our members if they were planning to send their children back to school this fall.

A little over half said yes, though a significant number were still unsure. School districts are rapidly adjusting to the changing state of reopening policies. Many are figuring out if distance learning is an option, according to this NPR article. What does your 2020-21 school year look like?

For people who know their children’s schools will reopen, are you planning to send your children back to school in the fall?

“I work in the school system and I think we should wait awhile longer. The kids are going to have a hard time keeping a mask on all day. I spoke to a few parents and they said they’re not letting their kids come back if it does open in September.” – Natalie E.

“I think that the school needs to stay closed because the covid19 is still going on this planet. I saw on the news that a kid got sick on the first day of the school day. school should not be open sooner like this because is still not safe at all. I can’t let my son go to school during this COVID 19 because it can affect him at school while other kids are around. I put my family safety first.” – April J.

“I am sending mine back. There are just some things they can’t do from home.” – Sharon V.