A Money-Saving Chart to Keep You Motivated

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Do you need help saving money? Let’s go back to 2019, a year before COVID-19 hit. Maybe you’re excited about travel plans, graduation parties, or concerts coming up this year.  All of a sudden, COVID-19 changes all of your plans. You might’ve lost your job, had to drop out of school, or help your family…

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Saving My Family Money Without Sacrificing Too Much

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The current state of the economy hasn’t made saving easy for families.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index is higher than ever.  Does it ever feel like extenuating circumstances make it impossible to save money?  Perhaps you have tried to spend less by budgeting, but it was too difficult to…

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Money-Saving Meals to Stretch Your Food Budget

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Grocery bills can quickly get out of hand in this economy, especially if you have other mouths to feed. The cost of food has significantly increased thanks to inflation.  If you want to prioritize saving money, you may need to get creative to stretch your dollar. From meal prepping to switching out parts of your…

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Budgeting Sucks: Here’s How to Make It Suck Less

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Have you always wanted to budget but worry about the commitment and effort involved?  Luckily, there are strategies that not only simplify the process and take much of the suckiness out of the budgeting process but also make it fun!  What is budgeting?  Budgeting is all about making sure you have the funds available to…

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Back-to-School Shopping Budget Hacks

Back-to-school shopping can be a real budget buster if you’re not careful, but a little planning and some savvy saver moves can help keep you on track.  If you have school-aged kiddos,  your regular budget should have a line item for school expenses. If you have this line item, you can set aside money each…

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Christmas in July: Preparing for Holiday Spending

The holiday season is many Americans’ favorite time of the year. We travel to celebrate with loved ones. We host holiday parties. We buy gifts and decorations. And food, lots of food. All that celebrating is expensive. The spending can really add up. As a result, many of us are hit with hefty credit card…

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6 Ways to Save Money as A New Business

Many new business owners think they need to spend money to make money. There is some truth in that, but it doesn’t mean money should be spent at every opportunity.  Money may seem like the answer to many problems. Not enough customers? Spend more money on advertising. Computers too slow? Buy new computers. Maybe spending…

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5 Differences Between Business and Personal Expenses

Deducting business expenses can lower your taxable income and reduce the amount of tax you owe. However, expensing personal items as business items can cause a lot of headache and heartache as an entreprenuer. Check out these 5 differences between business and personal expenses to help you get it right. Who is this article for?…

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