Budgeting Tips for College Students: A Parent’s Guide

They grow up so fast! Your child is becoming an adult, and it’s time for them to take their first step into the adult world: college. As they learn to be independent, they may be shocked by all of the real-world learning they’ll do as they earn their degree, especially some hard lessons about money.…

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Budgeting For Couples: How To Split Your Bills And Keep It Fair

Relationships are a lot of work. As you develop your relationship with your partner, you’ll learn so much about them: their tastes, their habits, their dreams, their goals, and their flaws. It’s not clear which date to ask how they handle money, though, is it? It’s a conversation many save for when they’ve started to…

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Budgeting Basics to Build Up Your Bank Balance

No matter your stage in life, saving is likely at the top of your priorities. Money doesn’t buy happiness, sure, but financial security is important for your mental health and can allow you to focus energy on growing in other aspects of your life. One way to kickstart saving is by creating a budget. Though…

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The 10 Budget Categories No Personal Finance Plan Should Go Without

stack of coins

If you’re just getting started with budgeting, you may be wondering where to begin.  Setting your budget up with the right budgeting categories can help you track spending and properly set aside for saving. These are categories for frequent expenses.  While some categories may be more important than others, getting an accurate picture of your…

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Everything You Need to Know About Inflation

It’s almost impossible to turn on the news or scroll the headlines today and not be confronted by rising inflation. With an inflation rate of 8.5% in July, it is easy to see why.  The government typically works to target 2% inflation to keep price changes low while encouraging economic growth. So the high inflation…

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Are People Saving Money By Going Minimalist?


Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your home or apartment?  despite your best efforts? Going minimalist might be for you!   A 2021 study defines minimalism as being “characterized by removing clutter, being satisfied with a small number of material possessions, and giving careful consideration before making any new purchases.” Basically, it means focusing on…

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