Can I trade in my new truck for a cheaper car?

I have a truck that I just bought for $35,000. It’s now worth about $31,000. Can I trade my truck in for a $20,000 car? What happens with my negative equity on the truck and my sedan that I just paid for with the trade–in value? Submitted by Jae E. It’s common to buy a…

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The Three C’s of Credit

Giant red-colored letter C with snow on top made to represent the three Cs of credit

When applying for a loan, it’s helpful to know what your Loan Officer will be looking at when making his or her decision. There are three areas they will review: Capacity, Collateral, and Character. Capacity Capacity is simply your ability to repay the loan. They will review your monthly income and expenses to determine if…

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How do I find my credit score?

White woman with a short bob haircut and wearing a graphic white t-shirt sits in a meadow with her laptop in her lap and holding her credit card

How do I find out my credit score? Who wants to know it, and what factors influence its change? Submitted by anonymous. A credit score is a representation of how someone managed their debts. It is meant to help creditors understand our financial responsibility. Payments on our loans and balances on our credit cards are…

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