Will I receive a stimulus check?

How does the stimulus check work? The coronavirus stimulus check is an advance on a 2020 tax credit. This means if you do not get a check in 2020, you may be able to claim the tax credit next year. The IRS calls this check an “economic impact payment.” The amount you get will be…

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What is a Sinking Fund?

A sinking fund is a way for corporations to put aside money at specific intervals in order to pay a bond or a debt that will be due at a later date. You can use this same strategy to achieve your goals or pay for expenses that aren’t due on a monthly basis. By planning…

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Thinking About an MLM Side-Hustle? Read This First.

White woman in glasses wearing a printed long sleeve t-shirt stands in her kitchen by the cupboards and looks at her laptop while her glass of milk

How many times has a friend or family member tried to sell a product or recruit you to sell a product or service? If this sounds familiar, they’re most likely involved with a multi-level marketing company. What is multi-level marketing? A multi-level marketing company, or “MLM,” is a common strategy for regular folks to run…

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Teaching Your Kids to Save Money

Red-headed woman sits on the couch holding her baby in her left arm while her older child sits to the right of her looking at an iPad

Think about the lessons you learned about money. How do the messages you heard in your early years impact the way you view and manage money today? Research shows that lifelong money habits are formed early. In fact, psychologists believe that by age 7 (I know, right?), kids have already developed long-lasting attitudes about money.…

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What is Lifestyle Inflation?

Storefront of two mannequins with stickers showing various percentages indicating a sale

Have you noticed that even when your income increases, it can feel like you still don’t have more money leftover at the end of the month? That’s because often, when our income increases, our expenses do too. This is a very real phenomenon called lifestyle inflation that can sneak up on us despite our best…

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How to Negotiate a Raise

Older white male talks to a younger female employee about her renegotiating her contract

I always like to say that there are only three things you can do to change your financial situation: make more, spend less, or a combination of the two. But making more money can be easier said than done. It could mean finding a new job, gaining additional skills, or working more hours. Let’s dive…

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