How do I find my credit score?

White woman with a short bob haircut and wearing a graphic white t-shirt sits in a meadow with her laptop in her lap and holding her credit card

How do I find out my credit score? Who wants to know it, and what factors influence its change? Submitted by anonymous. A credit score is a representation of how someone managed their debts. It is meant to help creditors understand our financial responsibility. Payments on our loans and balances on our credit cards are…

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How do you know if life insurance is a good choice?

White woman with wine colored nails holds a pen while she fills out a life insurance form

“How do you know which life insurance is good for you?” Submitted by Migdalia C. Life (and other) insurance policies are a way to protect your assets. If you think about your decision this way, you’ll have the information you need to make the best decision for you. What are your needs? Consider these questions:…

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How to Build an Insurance Plan to Protect What Matters Most

Firefighter in black and yellow suit aims his hose at a building that's up in flames

We all face risks every day, from driving a car to the ever-present risk of illness or natural disasters. Protecting yourself from these varied risks is a complex task. Consider a relatively simple risk: adopting a pet. Picture your newly adopted dog, maybe a little frazzled by his new environment. You’re out on a walk…

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