How Can People on Government Assistance Save for Retirement?

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“Where are the best places for people on state assistance to start saving for retirement? I’m looking for something with low starting balances and low monthly transfers to the account. Do you recommend any financial companies, savings accounts, government-issue bonds, stock market?? I am so confused!” Submitted by Jessica L. I want to acknowledge your…

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Making Your Money Work for You

Hi, I’m Saundra Davis, financial coach here at SaverLife. Today we’re going to talk about how you make your money work for you. What is a budget? If you ask, “Do you have a budget?” many folks will say no, they don’t have a budget. The fact is we all have a budget, whether we know it or…

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How to Use the 80-20 Rule for Saving Money

It isn’t easy following money saving rules. You have to face up to your finance as it is and without embellishments. You have to learn how to budget and save money. The toughest bit is that you have to bury certain desires and defer others to another time. Whatever your bank balance is at the…

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