What is Lifestyle Inflation?

Storefront of two mannequins with stickers showing various percentages indicating a sale

Have you noticed that even when your income increases, it can feel like you still don’t have more money leftover at the end of the month? That’s because often, when our income increases, our expenses do too. This is a very real phenomenon called lifestyle inflation. It can sneak up on us despite our best…

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What is a financial health score?

Congrats on taking this step in your SaverLife journey! Your score is on a scale of 1 to 100. Here is how to read it: 0-39: You might feel like one financial emergency, like a blown tire or unexpected medical bill, would set you back for months. It’s hard to devote time and resources to…

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How to Use the 80-20 Rule for Saving Money

It isn’t easy following money saving rules. You have to face up to your finance as it is and without embellishments. You have to learn how to budget and save money. The toughest bit is that you have to bury certain desires and defer others to another time. Whatever your bank balance is at the…

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